Specialist in arbeidsrecht

Vice-President & GM EMEA – NASDAQ 100 ICT companyby Mariska Aantjes

“Being used to work with the big Law firms in the industry in the past,  I was looking to make a change to a more specialized firm to assist in (inter)national employment law matters. Initially working with the Amsterdam office of Aantjes Advocaten, I have been impressed by the personal approach and individual finesse Aantjes Advocaten delivered, next to their customized advice and outstanding expertise. Mariska and her colleague have proven repetitively that their unique complimentary approach, topped with a fitting sense of urgency, fitted perfectly. Through the years I have enjoyed being on the receiving end of their advice and service. This resulted in a highly valued and trusted relationship now existing over 3 years. I recommend Aantjes Advocaten to any company looking for the ‘smaller’ custom made, specialized approach delivering ‘bigger’ results..

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